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We are really excited to see you here! This means that you, as well as we ourselves, believe that it’s great to volunteer with your professional skills.

To become a volunteer you need to follow a simple procedure: click the button below to join The Time Donors by connecting your LinkedIn account. After this, you’ll receive an email with further instructions to set up the theme/topic of your volunteering.

Probably you’ve got a few questions before you register? Let us answer the most common ones:

Q: Why are you called "The Time Donors"? What am I going to donate, anyway?

A: Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to donate anything except one or two hours of your professional advice per month. Actually, it is totally up to you how much time you’re going to volunteer to provide pro - bono professional consultancy.

Q: What do you actually do and how the time I’m going to spend is going to help you?

A: We are a platform that has volunteers ("Time Donors") - people who are ready to give their professional time to consult other people online on one side; and users who are searching for a professional help on the other side. We need your professional time to make the world a better place by sharing unique practical knowledge that you have, to help others. We want to change the way how professionals volunteer.

Q: That’s a nice mission statement. But how does this work in practice?

A: After registering, you post one or more topics of your professional strengths, on which you would like to help others. You can also choose the charity of your choice and the minimum donation amount for your consultation. When someone asks you to help him or her on a given topic, you will have the possibility to review the person’s profile and choose a convenient date and time. The consultation session occurs online, via a video - call service, on a 1 - 1 basis.We value your time and try to make volunteering as efficient as possible.

Q: Okay, I volunteer, it is for free, I am not receiving any money, but why you are asking other people to pay?

A: You are setting the minimum amount of money for your consultation sessions the other person would donate to the charity or foundation of your choice. This serves two important purposes: to actually raise money for charities and to make sure the person is serious about speaking on the given topic.

Q: How can I be sure that the person is actually transferring money to the charity?

A: Currently, The Time Donors platform does not handle payments in any way. We ask the person to transfer the amount directly on the charity’s donations page, and we ask for the confirmation receipt so that you can be sure that the charity received the money.

Q: Do I have some obligations to volunteer regularly after the registration?

A: Totally not. You are in a full control of who, when, and how often you spend your time volunteering online via our platform. You will see incoming requests for your consultation in your inbox and on your profile page. When you feel you’re ready to provide help, you are accepting the request and posting the time when it is convenient for you to have a call.

Q: Which charitable organizations will I be able to select for my time donations?

A: You’ll be able to donate to all charitable organizations that can receive payments online with commonly used payment methods.

Q: I have no idea what is my preferable charitable organization is. Can you advice one?

A: We are an independent company and we have no preferable non-profits. Ideologically we share the same views as Wikipedia and TED, and we started with just these 2 foundations, but you are totally free to choose any other one.

Q: I am almost ready! Can you tell me exact steps after the registration?

A: Sure. You will receive an email with:

After setting up topics and a short 1 - 1 call, you are all set!

You’ll also be immediately able to access your The Time Donors profile page where you’ll be managing your consultation sessions.

If we didn’t answer your questions, please feel free to reach out directly to me, The Time Donors founder (Elena Avramenko), via LinkedIn or our Contacts page, otherwise, we'd really love to see you on the platform:

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