A Platform for employee-centric corporate volunteering

The Time Donors is a platform that allows employees to take part in the global volunteering movement. The platform re-thinks corporate volunteering, makes it personal and employee-centric, based on the talents and skills of your employees.

Your employees don’t need to choose between non-profits and thousands of projects; they are the projects of themselves — they volunteer with their professional skills to help other people while the platform raises money for non-profits.

How will it work in my company?

Your employees are added to the global and open platform

Your employees place consultancy topics based on their professional expertise

Your employees volunteer by providing consultancy to people online

Your employees volunteer with their skills — online, at comfortable time.

Pilot in my company

More than 25 skilled professionals already joined from the top companies:

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Why am I supporting The Time Donors

Why are we different?

People first

Your employees are in the center of corporate volunteering activity and the core of it

Direct impact

Skill-set of your employees directly influences the challenges of other people and businesses


Online is the most efficient way to volunteer

Givers, Matchers and Takers theory by Adam Grant

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