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Alla Adam

Smart Adviser to 30+ Blockchain Startups | Smart Cities Architect | Smart Companies Investor | Smart Humans Admirer

Known as: self biohacker, BusDev genie, strategic visionary fearless flyer, S.N. born in April #Created: twenty+ 7 figure businesses #Invested in: nine+ 6 figure startups that transformed into nine+ 8 figure sustainable businesses #Experiments with: blockchain, all FIAT alternatives, cloning, AI, AEI, humanoids, psychedelics of all kinds #Acts as adviser to: 30+ Fortune 500 companies, governmental authorities and educational institutions of planet Earth #Keeps on making: 10X decisions #Never stops believing in: 'blockchained we stand, divided we fall'

Biohack Yourself. Biohack Your Business. Biohack Your Ideas.

#smartbiohacking #smartleadership #smartlifecoaching #smartstrategy #smartideas #smartbusiness

Biohack Yourself will help you to become a better version of yourself. Biohack Your Business will help your business reach beyond new horizons. Biohack Your Ideas will help your mind to see through any challenge and create breakthrough solutions.

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