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Elena Avramenko Misuno

Founder💙TheTimeDonors, employees-centric volunteering platform startup

Leading teams effectively through the end-to-end lifespan of complex digital products from concept to product market fit and growth. Visionary, Entrepreneur, Product manager, Creative Strategist and Company founder with 10 years of professional experience. Career highlights : ‒ 10+ years in leading management roles (CEO, Digital Producer, Business development manager, Marketing manager, Project manager) ‒ 7+ years work experience in a technology start-up ‒ 3+ years work experience in a leading international company (Microsoft) ‒ Experience organizing and leading my own company, 10 employees ( ‒ Experience in product development for mobile platforms (PopAppFactory, Educational digital toys for kids, more than 40 educational products) ‒ Experience in innovative product development - from idea generation to a released product ‒ Experience in organising creative teams, that can build innovational products with effective/efficient production processes inside ‒ People-oriented, serving-leader managing style

Creating a business model canvas for your startup

#startup, #strategy, #enterpreneurship, #MBA, #business

Working with Business model canvas (framework by Alexander Osterwalder) is critical for your startup success. In this 1,5 hr, online chat with you I will help you to create your own business model canvas for your startup.

By participating, you are donating €20.00 to the charity.

Charity of donation: Wikipedia (Wikimedia Foundation)

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