Gabriel Pop | Head Of Engineering at Castor EDC

Gabriel Pop

Head Of Engineering at Castor EDC

Passionate about leading and growing software development teams and individuals. I am dedicated and motivated to add incremental value to the business by building reliable, resilient, scalable products.I do this by leading / guiding / coaching / growing teams of software engineers. I believe teamwork will remain the ultimate competitive advantage of an organization.

Coaching for software developers

#personal-growth, #career-hacking, #getting-unstuck, #solving-issues-at-work #preparing-interview, #preparing-cv

I can help software developers who feel stuck in their career or current job and need someone to talk to. Career planning, difficulties at work, preparing for an interview, reviewing a CV, coaching on specific topics they are stuck on.

By participating, you are donating €50.00 to the charity.

Charity of donation: UNICEF

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