Ivan Misuno | Software Engineer | Ex-Uber | Founder @TheTimeDonors | Leading iOS teams to build applications at scale

Ivan Misuno

Software Engineer | Ex-Uber | Founder @TheTimeDonors | Leading iOS teams to build applications at scale

/Leading iOS teams to build applications at scale/ Entrepreneurial, open-minded, problem-solver. I value honesty and prefer speaking about existing problems openly. I always try to learn from the best available examples, and share obtained knowledge in the team. My passion is to build, and lead high-performance teams through work excellence, team culture development, and coaching. I believe that the team becomes great when it consists of similarly growth-minded people, when every member is fully committed to the success and receives enough positive feedback. * 5+ years in technical lead, engineering management roles, hiring and growing teams; * Entrepreneurship experience: co-founding and leading own companies, 10 employees; * 15+ years of experience designing software architecture in industry-leading technical organizations, excellent understanding of OO design concepts, S.O.L.I.D. design principles, decoupling patterns, microservices, building for testing; * 10+ years experience applying Agile/Scrum; * Ph.D. in Computer Science; * Extensive experience with Swift, C++, .Net/C#, Javascript, SQL, OpenGL, web services.

How to approach building scalable iOS apps: Q&A for startup founders

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I have been a team lead in a 10-person startup building games for toddlers at the one-game-per-month rate for 5 years, as well as worked in a large organization with 400+ mobile developers working simultaneously on a single app. I believe in the power of the engineering culture, and can help startup founders evade early-stage risks setting up the team to build a mobile app. During the call we will chat and try to solve the growth/scalability challenges you are facing.

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