Kamil Jagodzinski | Chief Customer Officer / Executive Board Member - Kiwi.com

Kamil Jagodzinski

Chief Customer Officer / Executive Board Member - Kiwi.com

I hold the position of Chief Customer Officer with the Kiwi.com. Previously, I served the company as Head of Project Management Office. My working experience includes serving as Senior Project Manager at the Arctic Portal (Iceland), Project Manager at the Arctic Centre (Finland), and Project Coordinator at the University of Maribor (Slovenia). My expertise spans the areas of Project/Program/Portfolio Management, strategic planning and change management. I have been involved in stakeholder management, mentoring innovation labs and teaching activities in Finland, Russia, Poland, Slovenia and Kazakhstan. I hold Master degree in Political Marketing and International Relations from the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. In 2008, I graduated in International Project Management studies from the Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences. I’m an active member of the Project Management Institute and hold a number of certifications in project management. In 2017, I graduated from Stanford Advanced Project Management programme. Currently, I am pursuing the Certificate of Management Excellence from the Harvard Business School. Apart from my interest in project management, I’m a dedicated photographer and traveller. My favourite destinations include Rovaniemi, Abisko, Ny-Ålesund, Sigulfjordur, Ladakh, Kirovsk and Murmansk.

Evolution of organizations (culture - structure - strategy)

#organizationalculture #structure #strategy #organizations

Companies grow just like humans do. Being a part of that growth, we rarely have time to step back and look at the correlation between its key elements: culture, strategy and structure. Have you ever wondered how these three elements align? Or what happens if they don’t? Why all three are important and what happens if they fail?

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