Kseniya Soroka, MBA | Co-Active Adventure Coach

Kseniya Soroka, MBA

Co-Active Adventure Coach

As a Co-Active Adventure Coach I energise people to transform their life journey into authentic and courageous Life Adventure. The focus of my coaching practice is serving people who are feeling “stuck” in their professional or personal life and who are already asking themselves: “what should I do next in order to move forward and finally live my meaningful life?” For the most courageous ones, who are ready to "walk the talk”, to deepen the learning and forward the required action(s), I am organising Camino Coaching Programs. It is opportunity to combine two incredible experiences: walking Camino route and getting individual co-active coaching on the way. I also coach MBA (EMBA) alumni as I have similar experience and could relate to all the challenges and uncertainty while studying and after the graduation. During coaching sessions they could see what is possible for them, and what still holds them back from living fulfilled life, having dream job and creating the opportunities instead of chasing them and adapting your CVs for what is available on the job market. And I enjoy working with creative people such as designers, artists, cartoon producers, etc., in discovering and expanding together the range of opportunities where they could apply their talents, be more inspired and inspire other people by the work they do. During coaching sessions I help people to realise their peak potential and achieve self-defined growth goals, so they can live the best version of their life on the fullest.

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