Lilly M. Dobreva | Senior Product Manager Mobile Apps

Lilly M. Dobreva

Senior Product Manager Mobile Apps

I learnt to pay attention to what consumers want at the age of 6 while helping in my parents' shop. Ever since, I've been fascinated with the consumer's mind first as a user researcher and then as a strategist later on in my career. But something was missing. Enter Product Management Being a Product Manager actually gives me the hands-on experience I was craving while keeping my focus on the user to build the right thing, the right way together with my team. Personality-wise, here's what I bring to the table: - I am direct, decisive and favour actions. - New ideas are my coffee. Big ideas are my adrenaline. - I am the calm one, but not the quiet one. You'll hear from me. - I get people to work together. I love making new connections. Reach out if you want to talk about product management, user experience or agile practices. Focus: product strategy and development, user experience, e-commerce, mobile and apps

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