Lilly M. Dobreva | Senior Product Manager Mobile Apps

Lilly M. Dobreva

Senior Product Manager Mobile Apps

I learnt to pay attention to what consumers want at the age of 6 while helping in my parents' shop. Ever since, I've been fascinated with the consumer's mind first as a user researcher and then as a strategist later on in my career. But something was missing. Enter Product Management Being a Product Manager actually gives me the hands-on experience I was craving while keeping my focus on the user to build the right thing, the right way together with my team. Personality-wise, here's what I bring to the table: - I am direct, decisive and favour actions. - New ideas are my coffee. Big ideas are my adrenaline. - I am the calm one, but not the quiet one. You'll hear from me. - I get people to work together. I love making new connections. Reach out if you want to talk about product management, user experience or agile practices. Focus: product strategy and development, user experience, e-commerce, mobile and apps

Product management, MVPs, new product development, apps

#product #apps #mvp

Happy to help out with anything related to product management, validating your product idea, scoping and developing an MVP and new products and share my experience on both web and app platforms.

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