Thijs van Dam MBA | Strategic Challenger | Advisor Business Transformations

Thijs van Dam MBA

Strategic Challenger | Advisor Business Transformations

Thijs is a challenger who challenges (together with a team of experts) you in pushing innovation and excellence from a strategic/business as well as a IT point of view. He is well known for thinking out of the box, specific on how to engage more towards your business strategy using IT with an entrepreneurial spirit. His field of work has been mainly within Utility (Energy, Water, Waste) for the last 20+ years but also within Telecom, Retail, Offshore, Transport & Travel, Chemicals and Manufacturing. Due to his technical, functional as well as a senior management background (previous roles were Strategy/Management Consultant, Project/Delivery Director, Sales Director) he understands what it takes to implement your strategy into your organization. Aside his variety of (technical as well as functional market) knowledge within several industries, but inspired by the Utilities industry, he is very keen on engaging with other industries to discuss and explore disruptions and to define creative solutions to maximize your business. Due to his extensive network, his passion, involvement and honesty he is more then willing to brainstorm about your business, as a matter of fact, to challenge you in how to innovate, implement and truly transform your business from different perspectives! For more information or to just discuss your business pains you can reach Thijs at +31615415004

(Digital) Business Transformation

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Supporting companies in how to define a roadmap to a successful transformation where technology is leveraged to the max

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