Yonah A. Welker | Co-Founder at ChemTech AI

Yonah A. Welker

Co-Founder at ChemTech AI

Yonah is technology architect and influencer known for his contribution in making “tech for good” mainstream. In 2000s he was the founder of HardwareTech – one of the first technology media outlet. Later he led or backed solutions from big data and AI to edtech with the key focus on products that pair data and societal impact. In 2017 he has turned his passion into the foundation, focused on underpresented talent and innovators, building scientific or technology solutions with a positive impact. Yonah's involvements include ecosystems across the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, including multilateral organizations (World Economic Forum, European Commission), universities (MIT, Harvard), accelerators, programs and initiatives (Singularity University, MassChallenge, Unreasonable Institute, Alchemist, Ashoka etc). /Interests/ HealthTech, EdTech, DeepTech, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Tech For Good. https://commongenius.com/expert-consultant/12804

Tech For Good Architect & Influencer

#productdevelopment #projectdevelopment #venturedevelopment

Tech For Good, Product Development, Project Development, Venture Development.

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